Monday, April 26, 2010

We are 1 Year

Our little monster is one year old!

During our one year appointment, Thurston weighed 21 pounds, 12 ounces and 29 3/4 inches. This puts him into the 34th percentile in body weight and 50th percentile in length. He put on 2 pounds in the past month alone. What a chunker!

We had a wonderful birthday party and a fantastic family visit over the weekend. I'll have to recap on that at a later point but please enjoy the below photo montage of our first year....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nearing One

I've been informed by multiple sources that I am a bad baby blogger. Oh how I've wronged you, poor blog....

Well Thurston bug had his first bad virus infection a few weeks ago which caused his fever to rocket sky high and my usual go-go-go child, want nothing more than to bury his head into my chest. It tore at my heart in a way I'd never expected. Luckily, his fever went away within a couple days. During our Doctor visit, he weighed 19 pounds 13 oz, which puts him in the 15th percentile. Woohoo, little chap!

Some recent child-rearing magic I just learned - apples and pears! Apples and pears are my salvation. This kid (remember he's a go-go-go all the time..) will sit calmly in the stroller for literally hours now if I am equipped with various baby snackage - namely apple or pear chunks. He'll bite off a hunk, suck on it for a bit, then spit out the pulp and peel. Not sure long as I have a happy kid, I'm not going to question it. Of course, I'm on constant pear/apple pulp & peel clean-up duty. Small price to pay for child bliss.

And this means.....?

I can take him jogging in the stroller without nary a complaint. He's just chill as an ice cube as I'm running along...munch munch munch.

His hair's starting to come in more these days - mostly on the sides and top of his head. He's got cute old man hair. It kind of curls a bit in the thicker parts and sticks straight out after a long nap. As it grows in thicker and thicker it becomes more obviously red. Ha ha! I say to those who doubted me!

On the mobility front....

He likes to dance to hip-hop music. He'll sit there and start bouncing up and down to the beat. He's not so big on Dave's noise music but then....who would be? Seriously.

We're not walking yet....still. However, He'll walk around the entire room using the walls, furniture, random person's legs to stabilize himself against. He crawls like a maniac - you can hear him coming from the opposite side of the house.


Loves and I mean LOVES to play "high five". In fact, if you don't hit his hand enough times, he'll start reaching towards you squealing all mean and angry like. Loves to push chairs, small tables, etc. around the room. If he hits an obstacle, he'll walk around to the other side and push it in the opposite direction. He hoots and hollers with glee as he does this. Loves to throw toys into the bath tub. In fact, it really comes in handy when I need to take a shower. I plop a bunch of waterproof toys on the floor near the bath tub beforehand. As I'm showering he'll start dropping the toys into the tub one at a time. He never tires of this. Loves the assortment of peek-a-boo games. Oh and our favorite game....what is this small particle of shriveled food that I find on the floor and can I get it into my mouth fast enough? I can't sweep the floor fast enough.

Verbage hasn't really changed all that much except perhaps gotten more pronounced. He knows who "dada" is now but he absolutely refuses to say "mama" no matter how often we try to teach him.