Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Growing boy

Dave was able to get a day off work on Monday and we trucked out to the coast with the little Wolf for the day. It was so nice to get out of town and it was generally a success. We checked out the cheese factory, which neither Dave nor Thurston had been to. Dave seemed interested but Thurston thought it a bit of a bore until we settled down to eat lunch in the cafe and he became rather vocal. I ended up whipping the nursing cover out and giving the munchkin a good feed in front of about fifty seemingly shocked senior citizens while attempting to eat a boca burger with my left hand. We felt a little better when the wails of another screaming baby echoed throughout the cafe. Later we stopped at Oswald West and hiked out to the beach with Thurston cozy in the sling. We came back into town refreshed and rejuvenated from our excursion.

Thurston had a follow up appointment today to check on his Cephalhematoma, which is visibly almost 100% better. The NP said in retrospect that of the 20 years she has been working, Thurston's head swelling was up in the top five largest she'd ever seen! Even with the swelling down, his head circumference was up to about 15 1/4 inches, up from 13 3/4 at birth! He's also up to 9 lbs, 6 oz and 22 1/2 inches long. No wonder he's outgrown all his newborn clothes!

I was also a little concerned that Thurston may have a little acid reflux problem. I mentioned his increased fussiness as of late and other signs. He also spit up all over me while we were discussing this with her. The NP actually figures he has GERD, based upon his symptomology, which is a little more severe than general spit up problems. We're going to start him on a trial of medication to aid his stomach and see if it makes a difference.

And obligatory beach trip photos below...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thurston is Three Weeks!

Really, all you want are photos. I know how this works ...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Embracing Motherhood

I have been floating around in a state of bliss the past few days. I love the mornings when I can just stare at my sleeping son in the early light. He is so perfect. When he stirs awake and I place him to nurse, he settles his hand up against his ear and looks up at me with wide eyes.

I feel like I'm starting to settle into my role as a mother, even during times that can be trying. I'm more comfortable and confident and just absolutely in love.

I visited Violet, Shane, and their beautiful little man, Declan at the hospital again today. Shane is just glowing with love and excitement about becoming a father. I took a photo of him and little Declan, who appears to have a teeny little smile on his own face.

And of course to appease certain aunties and grandmothers, more photos of the little wolf below:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking advantage of the sleeping baby

For once I am typing away at my top speed as I am equipped with two hands!

I feel like I am starting to take hold of the reins of motherhood and with each day I feel less and less as if I'm swimming through murky water. The post partum anxiety is slowly lifting as each day passes.

Thurston changes on a daily basis and it seems like he's growing right before our eyes (sorry to be so cliche!). He's already outgrown most of his newborn clothes and I'm struggling to get through our last package of newborn diapers before switching to size 1. He still swims in 0-3 but only because he has not yet filled out enough to catch up with his length.

Uh oh...the little piranha is starting to stir so I must make this quick. ..

Violet gave birth to her little Declan today (3 1/2 weeks early)! Dave, Thurston, and I visited her and Shane at the hospital this afternoon and got to meet Declan. He is so cute! I can't believe how close our boys are in age. Thurston is merely 2 1/2 weeks older, although they were 7 weeks apart in the womb!

Oh boob is needed now, must go. Pictures of the cute thing below.

A hunky hunky man:

Thurston's absolutely favorite place to 'hang' out:

Relaxing after a big meal (notice the milk dribble ):

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thurston is over two weeks already!

I don't have too much time to upload a whole lot of cuteness since I have to do everything with my left hand these days. On Friday Thurston had his well baby check and he was up to 8 lbs, 8.5 ounces - almost his birth weight! He got down to 7 lbs 15 oz at three days old and was up to 8 lbs 1 oz the next day as my milk had begun to come in.

Anyway, not too much time here but here's a cute video of Thurston experiencing some flatulence.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And more cuteness...

I am currently typing with my left hand (again) because I have T-boy conked out on my lap and Dave conked out against my right shoulder. Thinking about the two loves of my life snoozing away so peacefully on me fills me with this sweet warmth. Dave and I have grown closer in the past couple weeks than I could ever feel possible. I don't know what I would do without his continuous calm reassurance because I'm still battling these post partum hormones that hit me with waves of intense emotion. Life with a newborn is so much more overwhelming than I could have ever prepared myself for but mine is also filled with a lot of love these days.

Every other night this past week we've received a delicious home-cooked meal from one of Dave's co-workers. Today we enjoyed a butternut squash pasta and Monday we got to indulge in yummy "potachos"-- roasted potatoes with nacho toppings.

Uh oh...someone let out a load in their diaper and is starting to get fussy. Pictures galore below including Thurston's first bath.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thurston is a week old!

We survived the first week!

So someone should have really warned me that the baby blues is no joke. It's seriously no joke! Yesterday was the first day I HAVE NOT cried since he was born. I look over at my beautiful boy and suddenly: cue the waterworks. I start thinking about the hospital and then I start thinking about how much I miss the hospital: cue waterworks. I lay down for a nap and smell my bub's blanket next to me: cue waterworks. And then at 4:00 PM every day, anxiety hits and I am on edge. Anything and I mean ANYTHING can set me off in tears (yet again).

Me: "Sniffle...whine....Waaaah!"
Dave: "Sweetie, what's wrong?!!"
Me: "I have no idea! Wahhh!"

Yesterday was the first day where I felt almost 'normal' again. I'm hoping these baby blues have started to fade.

Kim has been up here since Friday to get in some good Grandma time with Thurston and give Dave and I a few breaks. She has spoiled us rotten and has given Dave and I much appreciated opportunities to get out on our own for short periods (until fussy baby calls for lunch!). Yesterday, for Thurston's One Week Old celebration, we all headed down to my Dad's for a delicious brunch and later we trucked over to Whole Foods to grab some treats and show off the "bundle" to Dave's co-workers.

Right now, I'm on the morning shift with the cute thing. Last night he wouldn't detach from my boob long enough to let me sleep until around 11. Dave stayed up with him until 1:30 so that I could get some uninterrupted rest. I got up with fussy bub at 7:30 this morning to give Dave some rest. This schedule seems to be working fairly well for the three of us since Dave tends to be more of the night owl and I'm usually up early on my own. I usually manage some respectable amount of sleep, even if it is intermittent. I love waking up to the early light and seeing my beautiful little boy stretching and yawning, making tiny squeaks and coos, and punching out his arms in glorious early morning sleepiness. I know that in minutes his face will scrunch up and get red and the wailing will soon follow but I love watching him in these precious minutes.

I'm still pretty sore from the whole birthing large baby ordeal but I'm slowly healing. I have to remind myself that I can't actually walk at my normal (turbo) pace for another couple weeks, which is a struggle. Jogging is further off than that. And I'm not really considering yoga right now (ow!). However, I am down about 22 pounds with about 18 to go! Come on breastfeeding magic! On a side note: the post partum belly is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

And now some pictures: