Tuesday, September 30, 2008

11 Weeks 3 Days

Below my chin, I can see my stomach protruding. I keep thinking: oh my god, I'm getting fat again and then I remember that I'm pregnant. My weight is really only fluctuating about 2-4 pounds above normal according to my home scale. But my little blob is growing a ton right now, according to all the pregnancy literature. Also, MS is fading. I don't feeling like I'm going to throw up all day, just parts of the day now. Apparently hormonal production is starting to switch to the placenta so I should be feeling even more better (grammatical error allowed here because I'm lazy) soon.

I'm still pretty grumpy at night and then wired in the morning. Both probably equally annoying to Dave but he takes it well. He's a pretty good one, that man.

Anyway, I'm going to go now because I'm hungry and I have to get ready for work. Seriously, if I don't eat now, I will become a hungry monster shortly and wreck havoc upon this place in search of something to feast on. I'm feeling the empty stomach nausea coming on. It's really fun.

Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Weeks 6 Days

I fear constipation. I think I've been evading it mostly but it's always there in the back of my mind. I'm usually pretty good at getting my grains and leafy greens so it's usually smooth going. I had a pretty good schedule going 2-3 times a day (or more) and I felt pretty good about my healthy digestive system. However, now it's much more sporadic. I've taken to notifying Dave of each large event. "Hey sweetie, I had a big one this morning. Must have been the fiber.". And he usually responds with words of encouragement. However, I've read the horror stories: two weeks of nothing and then you're on the pot for three hours. Or those who've had to go to the emergency room to get their contents removed by machines. So I'm pushing the oatmeal, leafy greens, beans, etc down my throat and crossing my fingers that it doesn't get to that. I hope not to stoop to poop by means of Metamucil...yet.

Otherwise, things seem to be better. My constant nausea is less constant and I've had a little more energy lately- except for maybe yesterday. Yesterday was exhausting. I could hardly get out of bed. I stood in the shower for 10 minutes before actually doing any washing. I couldn't bare the idea of riding my bike into work today so I opted for the bus, which was a less-than-pleasant experience. Band practice followed work and I had an even worse experience riding the bus there. This woman who smelled of fritos crammed herself next to me. I had to sway to the left so I could even continue reading my book while she jabbered the whole time about how tired she was and how tired she was of complaining. I had to pull myself out from under her to get off the bus. Band practice ran later than 9 last night but luckily I was able to get a ride home. I made a sandwich and fell asleep soon after.

I do find myself absent-mindedly placing my palm to my abdomen these days. It's comforting to remind myself of that little heartbeat.

Friday, September 19, 2008

9 Weeks 6 Days

Last night I needed French Fries. I couldn't go to Holman's, because going inside there is like walking into a blanket of cigarette smoke. Sadly enough, they have the best fries in the neighborhood. You know the ones that are super crispy and served with a pot of creamy ranch dressing for dipping? Nothing could be better. To my amazement, however, the local corner store carried a greasy frozen brand, which I grabbed readily. I also grabbed some Heinz Ketchup (or Catsup) and I was on my way. I love this corner store. They sell everything from laundry detergent to brass knuckles. And frozen french fries, apparently. Also, the owner, who's there every night, rings everything up in pennies. Last night it was, "498 pennies, please". Very charming old man.

So, I'm 10 weeks tomorrow, which means my little blob is finally a fetus. Sigh. S/he lost the tail this week. I'm a little sad that I no longer have a little alien in my belly. I also had my 10 week appointment this morning. Dave and I rode our bikes to the Hospital, making it there 3 minutes late. I hurriedly tried to lock up my bike so I could get going but the lock kept dropping. The stress of getting to the appointment on time, the problems with my bike lock and my hormones all collided and I became a raving pregnant woman. Remember the tree branch? I did a number on my helmet and bike lock before Dave calmed me down and helped me lock it up.

We did end up making it to the appointment just fine. And I was so thrilled Dave came with me because we got to listen to the heartbeat. I couldn't believe we would be able to at just 10 weeks! The doctor found it very quickly with the monitor over my abdomen and suddenly this quick repetitive thud-thud-thud-thud resonated in the room. She moved the monitor away slightly and we heard my loud, thunderous (and much slower) heartbeat in the background. Gosh, I sound like a giant engulfing this little hummingbird of a heartbeat. The sound struck me as so funny I started laughing so hard that neither beats were audible. I forcibly tried to calm myself down so we could listen some more but all of us, Dave, the doctor, and myself started laughing some more. I think the excitement of hearing the heartbeat, to know that my little parasite is really there and growing gave me a new perspective on all of this. It feels more real now.

I haven't had a chance yet to post pictures of our first ultrasound. Well, actually it was technically our second. The second was to verify that the embryo was growing properly (another stressful experience I don't need to go into further detail on). The below is the 7 week ultrasound. I think the head is on the right and the bum is on the left but I can't really tell either side apart.

My first belly shots at 7 weeks. There's no "baby bump" yet. I'm just a little chubby. ;)

And here is 9 weeks. I look a little bloated (and probably am). It's really fun. Or it might be constipation. It's no "baby bump" yet. Ah the joys of pregnancy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

9 Weeks 2 Days

I found the inspiration to initiate this journal today through my morning sickness. Today it's been just a constant background reminder. All day I've felt on the verge of throwing up without actually having to throw up. I think it started when I took my pre-natal this morning.

Cigarettes are the worst trigger. A couple nights ago, I practically screamed out (in public, amongst people I might add) at Cory and Dave to not walk so close to me because they were smoking. I was going through a hormal-induced crazy moment. In order to calm myself down, I had a fierce encounter with a nearby tree branch. And I won.

So Dave and I are finally getting settled into the new place. I spent most of the weekend alternating between unpacking and watching cheesy movies or chick flicks. I've been really into the cheesy movies lately, having recently gone through an American Pie and sequals marathon day, Mean Girls, The Secret Garden, and the Fifth Element amongst other equally embarrassing movies.

Dave and I've been watching episodes of Arrested Development lately before bed, which I'd never before seen. I'm hooked. Last night, we'd just finished the 2nd DVD of the 2nd season, when we realized the 3rd DVD was not in the box. I was on the verge of having another hormonal flip-out as Dave and I ransacked all of our unpacked boxes looking for the missing DVD. Finally, and yet unsuccessfuly I might add, we settled on watching The Lost Boys. I was so tired from ransacking the apartment, I just fell asleep.

Anyway, I'm going to finish this here because I still feel like I'm going to throw up. I may put some 'before' week-by-week belly shots as well as a scanned image of our ultrasound up here for fun.