Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turning Toddler

We walked to the coffee shop this morning and as I basked in the warmth of the shop and the fragrant scent of coffee, Thurston decided his legs would quit working. His jell-o legs collapse from under him and he slumps to the floor. It's not truly that he's incapable, it's his ingenious solution to my not picking him up right away, whether it be in a coffee shop, grocery store, sidewalk, etc. I think to myself..."oh boy, here comes the Toddler".

His stubbornness goes further to include feeling the need to do everything just as Mom and Dad do...

He wants to throw the groceries into the cart himself, he wants to drink out of big kid cup (even when most of the water runs down his face/shirt/pants), he wants to sit in a regular chair, he wants to serve his own food (heaven forbid mom serves him a spoonful), and so on.

Yet...there are bonuses to the Toddler stage. This also means my little Toddler loves to help mom out - sweep, put away the clean dishes (or dirty, it doesn't matter to him), bring me his shoes, put on his coat, bring me books to read, reminds me where my nose is, or even a piece of paper he feels I should have. He's quite the helpful one and he actually loves to please.

In addition, my usual down-a-banana-in-a-minute-flat kid is no more. Suddenly his interest in food extends to a few bites and then his attention is elsewhere. He'll carry that same banana he used to devour in a minute around the house for upwards to an hour and then leave a third of it somewhere for me to come across later. He's losing his huge baby belly and starting to grow stems so that no counter tops are safe from little fingers any more.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Now, I know I've said this before... but I seriously have the sweetest, most affectionate kid. Both of his teachers at daycare have voiced this to me numerous times. In fact, just this morning as I dropped him off, his teacher starts gushing about his sweet temperament.

He is going through a "mama" phase right now. It can be both heartwarming and trying at the same time when he just wants "mama" all the time. I think he just needs the reassurance that I'm there though and then he's fine. Poor Dave though...he'll pick Thurston up and Thurston will turn with his arms outstretched to me and wail "Mama. Mama!" I have a feeling that one of these days things will switch and he'll want nothing to do with me if Daddy's around! However, Grandpa trumps "mama" all the time. He is absolutely enamored with his Grandpa. Thurston and I were recently in Reno and my Dad picked us up from the airport. As soon as Thurston saw my Dad, he made a bee-line to him and ran with up-stretched arms. A woman approaches us in the airport and exclaims at how much Thurston must love his Grandpa by the way he reacted to him. My Dad's emotions don't show obviously, but I can see how much he's touched by it.

Thurston's language continues to develop every day and I am fascinated by how quickly he picks up on things. He loves to play the "Where is" game and happily points to the object in question...or will run off and retrieve said object -- such as his shoes (or mine) or a book of choice. When he doesn't know something, he'll point wildly in the air as if he is on a quest to find whatever it could be.

For the most part, he is just a great, happy kid. He loves to please, loves to make us laugh and loves to be the center of attention (go figure). Every day, I am grateful for his presence in our lives.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love this kid.

Love him.

He is such a sweet and affectionate little guy. I love to wrap him up into my arms and smother him in kisses. He's my little cuddle bug.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

18 Months

Thurston had his 18 month check-up yesterday and all is well. He's 32 inches long and 28 lbs, 12.5 oz, which puts him into the 50 percentile in height and 83rd percentile in weight. Wait, what???? Yeah, that's right. 83rd percentile. As most people who meet him put it, he's SOLID. Just to add the kicker - his head circumference is in the 90th percentile. That's some Mom genes right there. His pediatrition even called him "solid" and in more ways than just around his mid-section. He's apparently very solid on his feet for his age. We've had these comments from others before as well. Mr. T has always been raring to go, since he was two months old, so it didn't come as a big surprise!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkins And Bauples

October 2009:

October 2010:

Thurston's Words:

Apple ("Bauple")
Butts (Thanks, Dada)

And probably some others I can't remember. He's a little sponge.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday morning I walked Thurston into daycare before I went into work. He toddled along side me, holding my hand, taking in the sights around him and was for the most part quite content to do so. That was of course until the truck went by. Bam! His legs stop still and I am sort of flung back like a rubber band to his tiny feet anchored in one spot. His eyes widen and his head turns to follow the truck as it goes by us and idles in front of the traffic light. In any attempt to move forward (away from the truck), I met with a squalling, screaming, and let me add: fists-banging-on-pavement child until the light changes and the truck rumbles on its own way. Finally released of his bonds (eyes glued to rumble rumble rumble of the truck), he continues on with me as content as before. Moments later, a bus chugs by and we start our struggle all over again.

Did I teach him to stop and squall over trucks or buses? Did I try to tell him it was really fun to watch him teeter over the side of the stairs, or stand up on his rocking toy, or plunge his bum into the ocean surf over and over until sand is crusted into every niche on him? Where did he learn how to be such a boy?

Who knows? As much as I am swamped with fear over his daredevilish ways, I can't help but be completely infatuated with him. Boys boys boys! I love this kid.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This and That

Ethan was about Thurston's age in the photo below. This was right after Daniel and Cara's wedding in May of 09. Miss Lilly was still camping out a chez Trish.

15 months later.....

Too bad I couldn't get Ethan in this photo. His motor-butt was off in the other room playing games. might take another 10 years before we can get them to all take a photo together again.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Times

I walk in the door from a long work day and a turbo-charged little being comes galloping at me shrieking and giggling. How can I resist?

Friday, August 6, 2010


Thurston's personality is blossoming these days. He's in ultra mimic mode and I catch him copying my actions or words or even noises. I can see start to see bits of the little person he's starting to become.

His grasp of language is steadily increasing and bit by bit he learns new words or, for example, points to his nose and giggles when I ask where it is.

Thurston words that I have personally recognized thus far:

Up ("Uhff")
Trucks ("rucks" or "tucks")
Apple ("Bauple")
Yup or Yeah

And then of course this doesn't even take into account the various forms and conglomerations of noises that make up "Thurstish". He has an assortment of grunts, expressions, and noises that also stand for very specific items.

The Miner family spent last weekend on a surprise trip down to California for Lilly's first birthday. We also spent some time with Dave's old high school buddies at his 10-year reunion. Oh my gosh, it was a BLAST! I absolutely love spending time with Dave's family and it was fantastic for us to get some one on one with the niece and nephew. It is difficult being so far away. I've included a handful of photos below.