Monday, May 4, 2009

Thurston is a week old!

We survived the first week!

So someone should have really warned me that the baby blues is no joke. It's seriously no joke! Yesterday was the first day I HAVE NOT cried since he was born. I look over at my beautiful boy and suddenly: cue the waterworks. I start thinking about the hospital and then I start thinking about how much I miss the hospital: cue waterworks. I lay down for a nap and smell my bub's blanket next to me: cue waterworks. And then at 4:00 PM every day, anxiety hits and I am on edge. Anything and I mean ANYTHING can set me off in tears (yet again).

Me: "Sniffle...whine....Waaaah!"
Dave: "Sweetie, what's wrong?!!"
Me: "I have no idea! Wahhh!"

Yesterday was the first day where I felt almost 'normal' again. I'm hoping these baby blues have started to fade.

Kim has been up here since Friday to get in some good Grandma time with Thurston and give Dave and I a few breaks. She has spoiled us rotten and has given Dave and I much appreciated opportunities to get out on our own for short periods (until fussy baby calls for lunch!). Yesterday, for Thurston's One Week Old celebration, we all headed down to my Dad's for a delicious brunch and later we trucked over to Whole Foods to grab some treats and show off the "bundle" to Dave's co-workers.

Right now, I'm on the morning shift with the cute thing. Last night he wouldn't detach from my boob long enough to let me sleep until around 11. Dave stayed up with him until 1:30 so that I could get some uninterrupted rest. I got up with fussy bub at 7:30 this morning to give Dave some rest. This schedule seems to be working fairly well for the three of us since Dave tends to be more of the night owl and I'm usually up early on my own. I usually manage some respectable amount of sleep, even if it is intermittent. I love waking up to the early light and seeing my beautiful little boy stretching and yawning, making tiny squeaks and coos, and punching out his arms in glorious early morning sleepiness. I know that in minutes his face will scrunch up and get red and the wailing will soon follow but I love watching him in these precious minutes.

I'm still pretty sore from the whole birthing large baby ordeal but I'm slowly healing. I have to remind myself that I can't actually walk at my normal (turbo) pace for another couple weeks, which is a struggle. Jogging is further off than that. And I'm not really considering yoga right now (ow!). However, I am down about 22 pounds with about 18 to go! Come on breastfeeding magic! On a side note: the post partum belly is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

And now some pictures:


MissAnneThrope said...

oh my god, cute little ears on baby hats make me EXPLODE with unsightly cutesy giggles. I can't wait to see this little man! Good luck with those baby blues. I have heard many a horror story about them. My one friend got them so badly after her second baby she had to get some serious help, as well as aborting her third baby since her body and mind couldn't handle it. So, know that I'm here for you, whenever you need me, and don't be too shy to look into getting some help for it if you need to. But I think you'll be fine. You're a redhead who just shot a ray of new baby sunshine out her vaheena; who else could be stronger? xoxo!

Angel said...

Awww cuteness. Look at that Portland sunshine too!

Megan said...

Maureen--AUUUGHHHHH!!! He is GORGEOUS! And your birth story scared the hell out of me--and I've already given birth! Motherhood is a rollercoaster, to be sure. Just so you know, I had horrible post-partum depression and am only now feeling a bit of relief after 10 months. I've felt every emotion known to man. What you're feeling right now is normal--EVERYTHING will make you cry. It does fade after another week or two (has a week ever felt longer than this past one???), but if you don't start to feel better, do NOT feel weird about getting help. No one should feel miserable as long as I have. Hang in there--this truly is the hardest part. Where are you guys living right now? Do you need anything? Let me help!!! My email is me your address and I'd be happy to grocery shop, drop by some food, run the vacuum, or do anything you need while you recover. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, the pictures are, again, too precious for words! Isn't it amazing to know you've created a family? I'm sure you'll be feeling blue-less soon--I heard it is normal for many mothers. I am so excited to see Thurston again there anything I can do to help you and Dave with your recooperation? :)