Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peace at last

I've just calmed the screamer who is now conked out in his boppy next to me, snoring away. The reigning emotion in my head: "Phew". To be fair, he has longer waking periods these days where he's absolutely charming. He coos, smiles, and even lets out the occasional squawk, all while staring with wide eyes and mouth agape. He loves being talked to, sung to, and basically being the center of attention---which should come to no surprise considering who he comes from.

This evening, after some talking, charming smiles, and occasional squirmy whine, he succumbed to the fits of fussy-- Red faced, teary eyed, quivering lip, the whole enchilada. I can't say that it is easy to deal with every evening but I'm getting used to it. When we get to the point where he's been fed, changed, burped, sung to, danced with, patted, rocked, rubbed, etc., I just have to learn to succumb to it as well. Frankly, I think it's his way of winding down at the end of the day, where he's so tired but can't calm down enough to get to sleep - would make anyone grumpy!!

However, I think we've gotten over the hump. Like I said, his waking periods of absolute charm are growing longer each day and his periods of "the screamer" are shortening and getting more intermittent...slowly...

Today Thurston is 7 weeks old. I am counting down the days until our next appointment (on the 26th) so I can find out how much my little man has grown. I am sure feeling it these days, just lugging him around. I think I'll be pretty buff by the end of the summer! He's already fitting into some of his 3-6 month clothing but only because of his length.

Here's the little charmer at his best:

Showing off our new skill!:


MissAnneThrope said...

Hooray for movement! I miss you guys. :( Maybe coffee or a walk or something soon? So I can show off my tattoo and you can top it with your amazing son.

Anonymous said...

YAY for the cow leggings--very stylish (dare I say cutely sexy? LOL)!! Thurston sure is growing fast--and he has a very patient mommy. Muwah xoxo! :)

Megan said...

Honestly, I believe crying babies were the reason some blessed person invented noise-canceling earphones!!! I got through many a crying jag with Camryn in one arm and my iPod strapped to the other! It sucks, but it will pass--meanwhile, if you've given it all you've got and NOTHING is working, don't feel bad about popping him in his crib for 15 minutes and chilling with a book or some music or something until you're feeling more up to the task of comforter. Sometimes Camryn's crying would seriously stress me out (which would then stress HER out!) and a teensy break from each other really did the trick. :)