Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rolling on into 7 months

I had a plugged milk duct last night. I didn't realize it until I went to bed but I thought I was unusually full on my right side after nursing Thurston to sleep. Funny thing is, my right side is my bumb side. I get about half the production on it compared to the left. So getting full on the right side-- to the point of painful should have stamped a warning into my head.

Over the night I nursed and nursed on that one side, massaging the hard lumps and trying to tickle Thurston awake so he'd put more effort into nursing. But by 4 am, it was still clogged and super painful. I even tried hand-expressing to release it and nothing! OUCH!!! Finally, by the 4:30 or so in the morning, I tried nursing Thurston while lying on my left side and applying pressure and it finally released. I heard Thurston gulping to try and keep up and the pressure and pain finally receded. I was afraid it would progress to something worse - like mastitis... *shudder*. Poor Krista had that on my wedding day! I don't know how she made it through, poor thing. It seriously had me a bit panicked and whimpering in pain. Not fun. Not fun at all.

But I made it and I'm happy to say everything is quite functional as of this morning.

On another topic of late, Thanksgiving was hosted a chez Grandpa. Thurston was charming...for the most part. Had I been able to get him down for a nap for any longer than 20 minutes, he would not have progressed to the little monster that he became later in the evening. Poor little guy. In addition, he had a running nose and seemed downright miserable. I'm not sure if he has a little cold or if he's teething. Of all times for the poor guy to be miserable, it had to be one of the few periods where my family can actually delight in his presence.

Regardless of certain grumpy little men, fun was had by all (I hope) as we combated at a daring game of Scattergories Junior, feasted on heaping mounds of potatoes, salads, stuffing, turkey, pies, and cookies, and washed it all down with wine, beer, diet dr. pepper (family staple, here) and just regular h20. We joined up again yesterday for heaping mounds of leftovers, a daring game of Tripoly (family tradition), followed by an even more daring game of trivial pursuit, and more baby holding and conversation had by all. My cousin Ben and his girlfriend, Val, came over last night to wait it out before their 6 am flight (sans beds to sleep) and we got to a pretty intense match of mario kart on our new Wii. They're currently amid a three-hour drive back to San Louis Obispo on probably two hours of sleep-- combined. Sigh....young kids....

Oh and did I mention that the little bean is crawling now? As of Wednesday, it's official. He's quite the little scooter-bug.

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Desiree said...

I love the holidays--sounds like yours was non-traditionally unique but a blast! Did you have a main course besides turkey? :)