Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zoom zoom zoom

This kid has only been crawling for just over a week and now he's in serious turbo mode. I set him down and turn away for a moment and he's pulled half the books off the shelf and started munching on some Voltaire:

He absolutely loves this lamp and the cords that surround it! It's almost as awesome as plastic bags and butter knives! Seriously though, how does one keep your kid away from lamps??!! I do like having lighted areas. I do. Last night he kept scuttling over to it to grab the cords and try and climb on the base. As soon as I'd pull him away and try and interest him in his AMAZING baby toys, he'd scream his head off and find his way back to the lamp.

Des was over for some Thurston time last night and we hardly could get him still long enough to photograph the two of them. This is the only shot where he's not a blur!

I met up with Violet and little (big) Declan to the neighborhood park for some swing times. Thurston thought it was AMAZING!


Desiree said...

Thanks for my Thurston time the other day! I always have a lot of fun with you (and him, of course). We need to do this on a regular basis. The rice was spectacular and I'm going to make it again :)

LIL MAMA said...

adorable pictures!!!