Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome Party

I am so lucky to be able to greet this kid at the window every day after I get off work. He works up a grin when he recognizes me approach that takes up almost his entire face. I always nag Dave about putting Thurston in something other than pajamas everyday and he mocks me by dressing Thurston up in the most ridiculous mishmash outfits. I mean they are just shy of clown attire. I seriously don't know what he's thinking..... but it makes me laugh to see Thurston with his huge grin and in complete oblivion to the ridiculous ensemble his father put has him in.

It gets even better as I step inside the house. I barely have enough time to set down my bag before Thurston comes barreling at me at a turbo crawl. He's part laughing and part whining in excitement that he can't contain himself. If I am to actually walk past him without picking him up, he wrinkles up his face and starts wailing.

He acts the same when we visit Dave at work. At his first glance at his Dad, he breaks out into a huge grin, starts kicking his legs, coos, and jumps in my arms in excitement. It's probably the most puke-cute thing I've ever seen.

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Angel said...

Aww, you guys are the cutest family!