Friday, August 6, 2010


Thurston's personality is blossoming these days. He's in ultra mimic mode and I catch him copying my actions or words or even noises. I can see start to see bits of the little person he's starting to become.

His grasp of language is steadily increasing and bit by bit he learns new words or, for example, points to his nose and giggles when I ask where it is.

Thurston words that I have personally recognized thus far:

Up ("Uhff")
Trucks ("rucks" or "tucks")
Apple ("Bauple")
Yup or Yeah

And then of course this doesn't even take into account the various forms and conglomerations of noises that make up "Thurstish". He has an assortment of grunts, expressions, and noises that also stand for very specific items.

The Miner family spent last weekend on a surprise trip down to California for Lilly's first birthday. We also spent some time with Dave's old high school buddies at his 10-year reunion. Oh my gosh, it was a BLAST! I absolutely love spending time with Dave's family and it was fantastic for us to get some one on one with the niece and nephew. It is difficult being so far away. I've included a handful of photos below.

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