Sunday, January 16, 2011

House Arrest

Last week the cold kept us indoors huddled and shivering. This week, the torrential downpour that is Oregon Winter at its best has been keeping us cramped inside and under cover. I feel cramped and cooped and confined inside my house, staring out at the dark and dreary skies, sighing for days of sunshine and flip flops.

It's warmer this week, but wetter than last week and I decided to get out of our house in any way that was possible. This morning we ran around our yard and stomped in puddles. We dried off and enjoyed some tea (aka water in a big boy cup) and crumpets (licking the jam off of a biscuit).

Last week Thurston and I managed to get ourselves bundled up and out of the house only to seek immediate shelter from the cold in our neighborhood coffee shop 3 blocks away. After warming ourselves with steamed milk and green tea respectively, we huddled together and walked back home.

Some times, these brisk outings are the only things keeping me sane through the winter.

I really need to get a rain "coat" for our jogging stroller so that I can take us both out for some soggy runs.


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Nour Aien said...

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