Friday, March 11, 2011

The Early Morning Faces of Thurston Wolf

By morning, Thurston usually has ended up in bed with us. Some say it's a bad habit, I personally love it.

I'm usually the first to roll out of bed in the morning and drag myself to the bathroom to get ready. Generally around the time I'm applying mascara, the door knob to the bathroom turns and suddenly the door opens with a bang. Shuffling his feet, with his head down and away from the blinding light of the bathroom, he walks in. It takes my ruffle-haired kid a few minutes to adjust to the light, being awake, not having mom next to him in bed anymore, etc. and he stands at the door for minutes to collect himself.

And thus...the morning faces of Thurston collage begins. I will definitely have more to add as we progress on in this journey we call life.


WaiYana said...

:) your son is adorable xx

Anonymous said...

~*Smiles*~... my youngest recently turned 4... and he still some how crawls into our bed, in the middle of the night, and I wake most mornings with him.

Enjoy them while they are still small enough to want/need you... before they grow too big to even want kisses anymore