Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good Night Blog

I'm officially putting this blog to rest. My little blob is now an little evolving, running, laughing, shrieking blur of child. I can't really sum him up with descriptions based on his percentile or head circumference. Or talk endlessly about how he finally discovered his feet. And frankly, the complexity of this little child and his development has left me tongue-tied. I have too much to say and thus I cannot say anything at all. What a conundrum.


I do still say things HERE quite often. Sometimes it's mindless droning but I usually include photos to distract away from the drone. Or sometimes I'm downright brilliant. Hah!

Regardless, if you would like to continue following T's journey through life, I continue to write stuff here. It originated as a blog chronicling my weight loss -- post pregnancy and then snippets regarding my much larger self pre-pregnancy; slowing morphing into a running blog; and now has evolved into a nothing about everything. Love, life, motherhood, family, running, weight loss, ambition, and even still the boring day to day of whatever comes to mind. But there will be pictures and that always helps.

So please, click here: because that's where I'll be.

Thanks :).


Larry's Mama said...

I joined your blog, stop by & join mine & win some great prizes too ... btw your son is too cute!

leoleo123147 said...

funny :)