Saturday, April 11, 2009

39 Weeks

Pretty much as each day progresses, I become less mobile. I even need Dave's help standing up at night since I can hardly roll into a sitting position, let alone push myself up to standing. I make all kinds of noises just to try and get out of bed for my typical 5-8 bathroom trips at night. I've given up on acting anything remotely close to lady-like. I can't slouch these days, nor hardly sit up without reclining back because I've basically forfeited all the room I have left in my abdomen for the monkey residing in there. I feel bad for him too- I don't know how that guy can be comfy in there!

However, aside from discomforts, my spirits are still fairly high. I'm excited, anxious, and enthusiastic about what may happen in the next week or so. Fear has really played little part in my emotions.

One thing's for certain: I don't really like going out into public much these days because I feel like a walking zoo exhibit. You know-- equipped with little kids pointing, drunk guys shouting, mothers smiling, and young couples looking completely terrified at the sight of me. I'm not quite sure what I'll do if one more stranger comes up to me and asks 1) when I'm due 2) if it's a boy or girl 3) and his name 4) and then proceeds to tell me their own birth story, kids ages, and life story. There is only so much strangerly love that a pregnant lady can take these days. ;)

So I had ambition to do laundry and clean the apartment but then I realized I'm 9 months pregnant, low on energy, slow moving, and incapable of bending these days. Instead, I opted for cheesy chick flicks on netflix and some toast. I'll do laundry later.

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Anonymous said...

Laundry can wait a bit, on account of "rotund, very pregnant lady" ;oP I can't imagine what these last few days feel like for you, physically and emotionally, before the little boy comes. As always, I'm here for ya. I can't wait!