Monday, September 28, 2009

The battle rages on

The one with my gut that is. So apparently a ton of wedding cake, vino, and various sweets a plenty from certain mini-moons can have a damper effect on efforts to return to pre-pregnancy body types. Sigh. It's much easier to gain ten pounds than lose ten pounds. Double sigh.


Slight mishap at work today. I forgot to bring extra breastmilk storage bags :0!!! I usually use the Lansinoh storage bags and tape them to the machine so I pump directly into the bags. They're perfect for storage since they freeze flat and they're high quality plastic and BPA free. The medela bags are good too but incredibly over-priced. A box of 20 runs at about $10 compared to $6 for Lansinoh. And in general, that's my experience with the two brands: Lansinoh makes the same exact product for nearly 2/3 the price. I digress...

Luckily for me, my office has a supply of plastic sandwich bags in the kitchen and...oh yes I did...I used them in my desperation. I washed it out thoroughly and later transfered the milk to more...ah...appropriate storage. I came close to pumping directly into a plastic cup! *shrug* If there's anything you learn how to be in motherhood, it's resourceful!

Well, tonight I am going to my first post baby band practice. Babysitter is lined up and my violin is sitting at a ready. I'm so excited I could sing and dance except for little sleeping things are in the next room. Instead, I'm twiddling my toes and fingers in anticipation.

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* unfortunately, I too gained some after your wedding--all that damned(good) cheese/veggie tray, drinks, cake and dinner helped ;)
Still doing WW?--me too, but without success--anyway, keep it up!