Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding & Mini-moon

(Photo taken by Angel Tasso)

The wedding was delicious. Delicious weather, delicious dancing, delicious views, delicious food, delicious wine, delicious cake, and a random tree knocked down by car (which will make out ok as it turns out).

I remember nursing Thurston for the last time and peeing for the last time around 4:30 (right before go-time) and then it was non-stop, no breaks for pumping or bathroom or anything until we collapsed into our room at 10 pm. It was incredible. The ceremony was held outside, which was a last minute decision made by my husband-to-be and yours truly. The clouds grew ominous and expressive as the ceremony began and as there were no chairs outside, guests lined up on either side of the 'aisle'. It was all incredibly enchanting. I feel like I can recite a hundred cliches from movies to describe the feeling of walking down the aisle and none would come close. Enchanting is really my best description here.

Following the wedding, Krista, Duncan, and Krista's mother graciously watched Thurston over night so that Dave and I could have a night to ourselves (and my breast pump). The latter aside, it was wonderful to have time to ourselves. I did suffer some separation anxiety but I knew Thurston was well taken care of.

The next morning, we sent Thurston home under the care of Dave's mom, with help from my dad as we whisked off for a three day adventure in wine country and then to the coast. We stayed in the lap of luxury at the Stephanie Inn for three nights. It was incredible.

I had to make fast friends with my pump over the week, which ended up breaking the first night. I was only able to express milk from one side-taking me 45 minutes at a time! I ended up buying a battery operated electric single-side pump for the rest of the trip. I pumped and pumped and pumped some more every three to four hours around the clock. I don't know how people could stay sane doing that! However, my milk supply, although in a bit of a dip, seems to be going ok. I started taking Fenugreek this week to try and boost it up a bit more.

And Thurston? Well Grandma got him to sleep through the night in his crib! She's magic.

I have no energy to post all the beautiful photos I have but here are some links to the photos I took on the wedding day and of our trip: Wedding & Mini-moon


Anonymous said...

It was a "gorgeous" affair...the word of photographer Naomi. :) I bet it was magical to have time to yourself and your hubby! At least while you pumped on your mini-moon, you didn't have to deal with Thurston as well--perhaps he will now sleep during the night, since Grandma's conditioned him :)

Angel said...

Tee hee, thanks for the photo credit! I was a little bummed I had meant to bring my GOOD (film/SLR) camera and had forgotten it at home! The good ol' iPhone got some good shots though.

I wondered about the decision to have it outside, if you guys had a back up plan. That's funny that was a last minute decision! I had no idea! I totally loved the guests standing and forming an aisle and then huddling around to watch the vows! I thought that really made the whole thing seem intimate and not super formal or stuffy at all!!