Friday, January 1, 2010

I hate my boob

Yes. I do. It looks all swollen and warped and it is so tender - radiating pain every time I bump against it. I noticed I had a blocked milk duct the night before last and I nursed and massaged and nursed and massaged with no avail. I pumped at work yesterday every two hours with make-shift warm compresses between and during pumping sessions. By make-shift, I mean a bundle of wet paper towels that I nuked until steaming and then wrapped in plastic wrap to insulate. Did I tell you mothers are resourceful? For the record, my boss came up with the idea herself when I complained of it to her. She's a mother of two and we talk about everything parenting.

Last night I tried taking a steaming hot shower while I pinched around the hard lumps and massaged them to try and work out the clog. I spent last night nursing and massaging frequently and still today it continues to pain me. Today I even brought out my hand pump after a feeding. I feel like I've done everything I can do. It's really frustrating. On the lucky side, I'm not showing any signs of mastitis - which is when the clogged duct becomes infected. I would know too, because I'd have a raging fever and flu-like symptoms. Aside from the localized pain and my lack for sanity, I feel fine.

On another note, Thurston helped me clean house today. And by clean house, I mean pull the books off the shelf, shuffle over to the fireplace to get into the pokers and brushes while I chased after him, pulled videos off the shelf, stand up against the tv stand and stare up at the tv while I freak out and run after him, try to chew on the lamp cord, and pull himself up on the couch to try and get the tv remote into his mouth. I did discover that Thurston loves pulling himself up to go through the contents of our fridge. I can set him in front of the open fridge while I load the dishwasher and clean the counter tops. This is also successful when cooking.

My new mantra: Chose Your Battles

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Desiree said...

damn those parts we're apparently "blessed" with :)