Friday, February 26, 2010

We are 10 months

Mr. Man has 4 teeth as of yesterday morning-- his two top front teeth finally poked through.

He is now able to stand for 5-10 seconds without support. He was fearful at first and would only do it when he didn't even notice, plopping down as soon as he became self-aware. Now he pulls himself up against support and gingerly pulls his hands away and up into the air as if to counteract his weight. He gets the biggest, proudest grin on his face.

A couple nights ago, we discovered that Dave can juggle fruit. Who knew? He took his act into the living room where a very excitable audience giggled away. He just couldn't get enough. I wished I had taken a video.

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Oh Amy said...

Aria does the same thing with her hands when she is standing. Only not quite so high; she keeps her hands at around eye level. Still holding out on the teeth, though.

I could totally see a baby LOVING to see someone juggling. I mean, she goes into hysterics when I clap...
That is awesome that you have an in-house juggler. :-D