Saturday, March 7, 2009

34 Weeks

The little stinker is forcing his bum up into my ribs as I'm typing right now. Ow! Aside from the painful jabs, I love every minute of it! Anyway...

Fashion for the Lumpy/rotund/heavily prego Bod, part two:

I was feeling really tired of the same maternity clothing this day, so out of desperation, I squeezed myself into an old non-maternity skirt that hardly zipped up at all. No problem, I covered it with a lengthy and bulbous non-maternity shirt. Paired it with super comfy maternity leggings, some flats, and voila: new outfit de jour. Hat: $5 at Forever 21, Skirt: thrifted for a few bones, Leggings: about $12 from an online maternity store, long non-maternity shirt: $10ish? Nordstrom rack, black tee-shirt: $5 at Forever 21, and vintage necklace: gifted from sweet boyfriend.

What to wear at my last show pre-baby and leave? Well...let's just say, I wasn't hiding anything. Note: strange girl standing near friend whispers, "is she...uh..." Friend replies rather coarsely: "Pregnant? Of course she's pregnant!" Strange girl: "'re not supposed to...uh...ask". Ok, I'm just wearing a tee-shirt that I snipped up that day to show off my nacho belly. Tee-shirt: $5 at Forever 21, snipped up by yours truly that very day. Skirt: can't remember to save my life (non-maternity stretchy).

Pre-show look: Add non-maternity xlarge sweater clearance at Macy's $4. What a deal!

Here we go, here we go. I broke down and fished out the maternity jeans this day. Sears maternity jeans on clearance: $20, maternity button up blouse: $3 clearance at Sears (Score!). Non-maternity long sweater is another $4 clearance item I found at Macy's. I was rocking the clearance that day.

$7 maternity jeans from Ross. Sweat deal! However, I've already torn them and sewed them up once so I guess you get what you pay for. Non-maternity black sweater from Sears clearance: $4. Same vintage necklace, same xlarge sweater. Cowboy boots: stolen from unsuspecting boyfriend who got free from friend (hey, I have super large feet!!)

What not to wear in public when pushing 8 months prego:

This is typical weekend wear. Yoga pants with some white smear on them...probably toothpaste? They are super comfy right below my waist and well they just roll down to there if I try to pull them up decently anyway. Non-maternity fleece jacket was a gift from the pops. Doesn't quite cover the madness extruding below. $1.50 hair band to pull back those luscious greasy locks. Quite stylin'.


Anonymous said...

Nothin' wrong with maternity clothing a'tall ;) My fave of our vintage/clearance looks is the
maternity jeans, maternity button-up blouse and non-maternity long sweater--I'd wear it myself (prego or not)!

Angel said...

Haha I can't believe you cut those holes yourself in your shirt, it came out quite professional looking and such a great idea. Love it.

One day (probably in like 10 more years if my uterus is still good), I'll be seeking your maternity fashion advice.

MissAnneThrope said...

I swear, you have the absolute cutest pregnant belly I've ever witnessed. Not one thing could be improved upon. You could do preggie-porn! Eh, Dave, eh? ;)

Michelle said...

You sure know how to get creative with your clothes! Makes me wish I consulted you when I was prego, because I was so bored with my outfits!