Wednesday, March 25, 2009

36 Weeks, 4 Days part two

Dave's family came up to visit over the weekend and we had a blast! They were able to make the baby shower and Sunday morning, Trish and I had a chance to explore Hawthorne a bit and grab a bite to eat at the Cup and Saucer. On Monday, Dave and the "boys" went out to a Blazers game while the girls went out for a delicious dinner at Mama Mia downtown.

I realized this was the only picture I had of the whole gang (minus Trish):

They were watching to make sure Dave put together the last bits of the jogging stroller: a gift from all of Dave's family. We were so stoked about it. In fact, Dave couldn't stop talking about it last night ;).

The excited father hard at work!

So here's the baby room post-shower. It looks like I have my work cut out for me!

In addition to the stroller, Dave's mom and stepfather, Bruce, brought us up an absolutely gorgeous crib and dresser. I was so excited that I made everyone assemble it that night!

And I helped!

I find myself walking into the room a couple times a night just to stare at it in all its glory. Last night, even Dave was excited to raid Target and BabysRUs with me to get the last items we need....a hamper, storage totes, changing table, diaper bag, etc. I was well-equipped with coupons galore and some gift cards and we made out like bandits. We even made it back in time to hunker down in front of the tube and catch the Biggest Loser (my personal TV weakness).

I had my 36 week appointment today. I'm measuring normal and everything is on track. I had to take the Strep B test this week, which was less than pleasant. However, my doctor did perform a quick ultrasound to make sure the bub was positioned correctly....and yes, he is head down and good to go! I only got to see his cranium, but it was the most beautiful cranium that ever was. I swear. Also, my doctor made the slight comment of: we'll it looks like he may very well come a little before 40 weeks. I can't put too much stock in that since no uterus is alike, but a shimmer of hope glistened for a moment there.

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Anonymous said...

Your future family-in-laws are great :o) It was nice that you got to see them all together. Dave is so cute; happily participating in baby showers and excited to go baby shopping and assemble the stroller and crib ;o)