Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18 Weeks, 4 Days

We had our big ultrasound and the verdict is.....

A Boy!!!

Here's my little man showing off the goods:

Dave was pretty proud of his little exhibitionist.

And a picture of his cute legs crossed. This little guy was moving and squirming all over the place!

Stubborn, like his mom, he was not about to show us his cute profile so we got his frontal alien-like face the entire time. It was really cute and a bit creepy at the same time.

That is...until after a bunch of prodding, shaking, turning, and poking, the ultrasound technician finally got him to turn from his side so we got the cute profile picture if only for an instant.

He was pretty comfy with his back to us-- although he had no trouble showing off the goods plenty of times. We also got to see him stretching his legs up to his head and suck on his thumb. Yes, I've got me a thumb sucker....and I was hoping to avoid all that.

Well, Dave and I are stoked and even a bit surprised. Everyone insisted we were having a girl. Trish (Dave's sister) was absolutely convinced we were having a girl. A few friends at my office wouldn't even accept the possibility of me having a boy. And Dave's work is known to produce baby girls, with very few baby boys. Against all odds, we are having a boy.

Dave is so excited, he's even starting making up songs on the fly about his new son. He's still getting used to using the phrase "my son" and has been constantly repeating it since the appointment. I find it all very cute.

Now we can finally get down to naming him and fixing up his room. Project!!!!


Anonymous said...

ITS A BOY!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Time for baby clothes shopping, and baby accessories shopping, and baby SHOES shopping!, and I'd like to plan a shower for you in the Spring, if that's okay. :)

Angel said...

Hah, I thought it would be a girl when I found out also, only because I thought Dave would make a good father to a girl, he put up with me and my sister growing up, being as bratty as possible and he stuck around! Still, he'll no doubt be just as good to his son, congrats!