Saturday, November 22, 2008

19 Weeks

Getting close to halfway! My little monkey likes to stand on my bladder these days. On the plus side, I'm not constipated! I chalk it up to being a vegetarian and all the beans and nuts I like to eat.

So...I must admit to my recent netflix afflixion. How does one live before netflix? I signed up a couple weeks ago and found to my excitement that all the baby movies I could want to see are only a mouse click away! In fact, Father of the Bride II came in the mail yesterday. After work yesterday, Scarlet and I mixed up some cupcakes (with blue frosting to celebrate!) and watched the movie together. Expectedly, Dave opted for a boys night out. Father of the Bride II has two babies in one movie!! Can't get better than that. It even makes up for my lack of cable and ability to watch the great "A Baby Story" reality TV shows on lifetime. Because I would if I could ;).

I weighed myself at the gym yesterday and it showed a healthy five pound gain from my weight about 4 weeks ago- bringing me up a total of 13 pounds. This is supposed to be perfectly normal, but it honestly feels more like 23 pounds. None of my old pants and hardly any of my old skirts fit anymore! I'm living in yoga pants at home these days.

Ok, so I'm done whining about my packing on the pounds. I know I can start working them off again in five months or so. And really, 13 pounds is completely fine at this stage. Overall, I've been feeling great. I have much more energy these days and can stay up late again. Last night, Dave and I were up until about 1 watching Hero episodes on netflix instant (I love netflix). I do seem to have less energy and enthusiasm about going out at night or much in general. Dave and I think it's the 'nesting' syndrome.

Oh! Dave also mentioned that his mom and step-father may be able to give us a crib from their furniture store! I'm so excited! It's supposed to be really nice. It'll be such a nice help to get that taken care of. I've been a little stressed over the sheer amount of items we are in need of: stroller, car seat, bedding, diapers, breast pumps, blankets, bottles, bassinet, etc etc etc. We haven't even started getting things organized! The baby room is still a storage room of boxes at the moment. I must admit, I've been a bit of a procrastinator. My friend, Michelle, recently had a baby boy (named Talon). When I told her we found out we were having a boy, she offered to give me Talon's old clothes! That'll be such a help!

Below are my 19 week photos. I don't think there's too much of a change from last week. I do look rounder from the front though...


Anonymous said...

That's totally okay that you haven't started preparing the room for the baby yet! I can only imagine how overwhelming the thought of gathering what you need, can be. But at the same time, it is such an exciting preparation and something special that you and Dave can share together! Just let me know if you need any help with anything.

Angel said...

Seriously, I had just signed up for Netflix probably a few months before you posted this one because someone told me it was their favorite thing and cheered up their day each time they got one in the mail. They were right, and it's really nice since I've decided not to keep my tv in my bedroom that I can watch the instant plays on my computer!