Thursday, November 6, 2008

16 Weeks, 5 Days

Belly Photos!!!

Well the bump is growing! It's kind of cute, I think.

I had my 16 week OB appointment on Friday and got to schedule "The" ultrasound for the 19th. If the little grapefruit behaves, we'll get to see its hoo-ha to determine what sex it is. I'm excited but not overly anxious. The weeks seem to be going by so fast now that I have a feeling the appointment will be upon us in no time.

I ended up with a mild cold over Halloween so I elected to stay in with Dave and watch "Cannibal the Musical" and eat black beans and rice. We did, however, end up at a party the next night when I was a bit more energetic. Dave and I both raced to Goodwill for last minute costumes and paraded around with Cory as Gresham-ites. For those of you outside the Portland area, people from Gresham to us city folk are like people from Shelbyville to the Springfield residents (channeling the Simpsons here in case you weren't following me). To add to the effect, I topped my costume off with a "Pink for Palin" sign that read, "Make more war and babies" and "I heart Alaskan drilling."

In this photo, I was trying to go for that annoying-lady-you-are-crammed-next-to-on-the-bus look. My chin doesn't really stick like that....I hope.

I think my costume just may have done the trick to sway the vote-- for OBAMANATION is upon us!!!! Dave and I chowed on pizza at my Dad's while we sat glued to the television on Tuesday night. To add cherries to my cream soda of an election night, Merkley gained the Senate seat over the Republican incumbent, Smith, bumping the Democrat hold in the Senate up another notch. It's exciting to think my kid is going to be born under the first non- old & white guy president.

Last night, my band played a show at Dante's. The sound was awesome! I had a great time but was pretty much done-in by the end of the night. Lucky for me, most of Dante's is non-smoking! So I didn't have to worry about being around all those cancer-sticks. It was kind of fun to play to dancing drunk people. I really do enjoy the dancing drunk people. They went nuts at the end!

On Stage:

 are some of the dancing drunk people (notice baby bump in the background ;))....

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Anonymous said...

Its starting to look like baby bump now! It is so cute! Lucky for you, I believe maternity clothing is often more stylish than regular clothing. I'll be thinking of you on the 19th--you will HAVE to let me know ASAP! I wish both you and Dave luck on that day :)