Saturday, December 6, 2008

21 Weeks

Each week seems to go faster than the last. 1st trimester dragged by and the 2nd trimester feels like a whirlwind. I had my first "there's something different about you.." this week too! I guess I thought all my co-workers knew by now but supposedly there are still some that were not aware. She didn't want to approach the subject directly in case I was just laying on too many nacho supremes but she was hinting at my belly. I filled her in and told her that I was thrilled that I actually 'look' pregnant and she assured me that it was a definite prego-belly. I guess I'm finally getting to the point where it's much more an obvious baby belly than a nacho belly. And luckily, I have yet to start laying on the water-weight and get all puffy. So I guess overall, I'm feeling pretty good, even if I have packed on 14-15 pounds.

Here's 21 weeks:

I did think that the moodiness and cravings were starting to dissipate but I guess I was wrong. The other night I needed a fast food gardenburger and fries from Wendy's. Nothing else was going to satisfy this. Dave and I had a 20 minute interval in which we could go achieve said food goals and be back in time for the ONE tv show I watch religiously (while eating)- The Biggest Loser. I was not going to miss that show and I was not going to watch it without the fast food garden burger and fries. Keep in mind, I hardly ever eat fast food. There's the occasional taco bell run but I haven't been to a Wendy's for a gardenburger in probably a year. What I didn't know was that gardenburger (the company) ceased selling their patties to fast food joints. As I stood salivating at the register, ordering my gardenburger, I had no idea that Wendy's had not only discontinued the gardenburger but never replaced it with any other veggie alternative!

Now I have to remind you that I was hungry. PREGNANT WOMAN hungry. I also had a PREGNANT WOMAN craving. And finding out that Wendy's no longer provided a gardenburger was the worst news to hit me since..oh boy...probably 911. I kid you not. I felt like I finally understood the uncontrollable rage of the Hulk when he gets big and green. Only I didn't get big and green, I just got red and mean! The poor cashier probably didn't know what to think. I ended up ordering a cheeseburger meal without the meat. I continued raging until I got home and stomped all the way into the apartment. It was then I realized the Sprite I ordered had no syrup and was thus a club soda. On the plus, I actually like club soda and when I finished devouring the food, I was actually ok. I started to even feel some remorse over my actions. I turned to Dave and told him to never let me get that hungry again or the Hulk will come out once more...


Angela said...

One time (when I was pregnant), I went to Taco Bell and got myself some gorditas. It was all that would satisfy the beast. When I got home, I found out they forgot to put any hot sauce in the bag. I started crying because I knew I wasn't going to drive all the way to Taco Bell but it just wasn't the same without the sauce. It was awesome, lol!

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! All (burger) fast food joints should make sure they have a garden alternative. In a way (other than preggo craves), I understand your woes...I've gone to Taco Smell many times for crunchy fresco tacos...and they put all the goods on them instead. Hrumpfh!
Has Dave had to go out in the middle of the night to pick up strange food mixes yet? :)