Saturday, December 20, 2008

23 Weeks

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I gave birth to our son but had to return to work so soon after, I never got a chance to meet him. Dave had to take the responsibility of caring for him, naming him, and taking him home from the hospital. All day at work, I was so anxious to leave so that I could go home and meet my son. After some aggravatingly slow hours of work, I finally got to return home. However, when I returned, I found out then that Dave had opted to name him Bounten Bendge Miner. What the hell kind of name is that?!! I asked him. I told him I thought we'd already decided to name him Benson (not sure where this came from either). Dave said he couldn't remember what it was and had to name him in order to leave the hospital. I was furious!
I woke up still a little furious but managed to calm down before telling Dave the dream. For a few days afterwards, he continued to refer to our little man as 'Bounten' and thus received a few glares from me.
Well little "Bounten" seems to be growing quite a bit these days. I swear I got bigger just in the last couple days or so. I got that pregnant pouch thing going on, instead of the big round belly I have been carrying. According to literature, he'll be doubling his weight (already a pound) in the next four weeks-- packing on about 6 ounces a week! Now I know the math here is not quite right. 6 ounces times 4 weeks is actually 24 ounces (about a pound and a half). But that's what the prego literature says and I am choosing to ignore this discrepancy. I imagine I'll be looking pretty large as I hit third tri.

Here's 23 weeks:

And my prego-friz hair. Good times.

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