Friday, December 26, 2008

23 Weeks, 6 days

I am currently typing this entry on my brand new LAPTOP! Wheee! Bought and paid for via my own future wealth - ie financial aid. The desktop computer I have is running at about 45 in human years (10 computer years = 1 human year) - still pretty decent but not as quick as them young 'uns. Initially I thought....ooh Macbook would be lovely for school, etc. But it comes at too a lovely price (starts at $1200). So I did my research via consumer reports and customer reviews. And then I found a great deal on a smart little laptop on a random run to Office Depot. It was the very last of it's group- the display copy at a nice comfy price. The memory and ram was even better than the one I was looking at online and the total price was lower with the added softwear (anti-virus and Microsoft Office 2007). Thus I pranced home happily with my new trusty laptop (or actually waited in the rain for an hour because the buses are late and on snow routes still with a bag full of books) and tested it out. I had also run over to the PSU bookstore and loaded up on my books and a few supplies earlier in the day so I am set and ready to go. GRAD SCHOOL, HERE I COME...with baby in tow.

I had a grumpy boy on my hands this week when we got so snowed in that all of the flights were getting canceled. Dave had airline tickets to Cali to visit his family for Christmas. He moped until the moment he was boarded on that plane and was assured he could go. And I'm so glad he was able to. His flight was practically the first Cali-bound flight with Southwest Airlines that actually left the airport since the snow began dumping on Sunday. His family was also pretty thrilled he made it, since I'm sure they were also glued to the airline and weather updates.

Speaking of snow though. Boy howdy did it snow. We're still just barely digging ourselves out of it days later. For a few days, my car was nestled under a good foot+ of snow. The 15-25 degree temps held for over a week. Only now have we surfaced above freezing at a nice and warm 35. I only wore one layer under my thick coat today instead of two and skipped the leg warmers :).

I barely made it to my Dad's for Christmas. I had invited Cory to have Christmas with my family this year since all of hers is in Iowa and she was not leaving town this year. We were afraid we were stuck in Portland, however. Not a single bus was running into Tualatin and my Dad was not about to drive in the foot+ of snow to Portland to come get us. Luckily, the snow began to clear in the afternoon and I hitched a ride from a co-worker. My Dad was able to at least pick Cory up from her work in Tigard. With seemingly infinite cable television, fondu, cheesecake, stockings, and snow, we all had a jolly time.

It feels like a whirlwind is finally over. Dave and I are just sitting quietly listening to records (and playing with new laptop technologies) tonight. I think we're both digesting all of the food and activities over the whole week. I feel like I can finally sigh and relax.

Baby is thumping away and I start school in less than two weeks. Life is all pretty exciting right now.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to tell me know you can arrange to live on financial aid while going to school! I want to find a way so that I can also get my MSW but be able to afford it (somewhat) :) Woohoo on getting that laptop too! We have also been snowed in, missing 1 day of work Monday due to miraculous office closure. Finally things are just starting to melt!

Angel said...

That's one thing I could never leave, California winters. As much as Portland was awesome, I complain when it's 45 degrees here haha. In fact, it's 54 here right now and I have the heater on and am wrapped in a blanket haha!