Saturday, December 13, 2008

22 Weeks

This boy is getting strong! I was cranky last night so I took a bath (warm, not hot, don't worry). Of course, I feel a bit like a whale these days with a growing-by-the-day belly looming well over the bathwater crest. I was reading one of my prego books at the time and I started to feel the baby move around. I looked down at my belly and, sure enough, he was breaking through. I could feel and see each kick! I hollered to Dave to come see the kicking himself. However, as soon as Dave showed up and was glued to every move of my belly, all became quiet on the home front. About 10 minutes after Dave gave up and left, the little guy started moving around again. I hollered to Dave again, who came running but to no avail---a stubborn one, our son.

However, early this morning the little one started getting active on the left side of my belly. I grabbed Dave's hand and plastered it to where the kicking was taking place. At first, all was quiet, and I was afraid the little one was being stubborn again. Soon enough though, he started up kicking on my left side and Dave felt it all!

Dave took these photos last night. I feel all stretched out already! Sorry for the picture and hair quality. This is pre-relaxation bath. My belly button's shrinking.


Anonymous said...

Babies in the tummy never seem to kick on cue :) They're sneaky little ones!

Angel said...

Wow, it's weird how you can see the ridge of the bulge on the top of your belly too! It's really high up, I guess it drops more later right?

The Machine said...

I think the top bulge may be all my organs getting squished up from the bebe.