Sunday, October 12, 2008

13 Weeks, 1 day

Well.....2nd Trimester!!! Most of my morning sickness has passed. I'll get a bout once in a while but it's on the tame side now. I'm still a hormonic mess. Dave describes my hormones as fire crackers on the 4th of July and that's pretty accurate. One minute, all is quiet, and the next minute I explode. Dave, being on the receiving end of most of these episodes, has been pretty amazing at handling it all. Also, when Dave's family came to visit this week, his sis left us with a plethora of baby books that he and I have both been devouring. He's half-way through a daddy-to-be book and really enjoys 'text-booking' all of my episodes.

Despite any nerves I might have had, I actually had a great time with Dave's family this week. Unfortunately, a bout of food poisoning left Dave's mom incapacitated on Thursday but Dave and I still went to the zoo with his sister, Trish and her son, Ethan. I couldn't get enough of that little guy, which I think means I'm getting maternal.

Dave's mom, Dave & Ethan, and Trish

Trish, Ethan, and I navigating the zoo.

Also, Good Wood was well-received on Wednesday night. We ended up with a packed house! I couldn't believe how many people came out. It went pretty well and we had many requests for our next show.

I can feel my uterus when I press on my abdomen now. I think it's popped out above my pubic bone. It feels like a soft ball, probably about the size of a large grapefruit. It hangs on my left side a bit. Dave was pretty stoked when he could feel it this morning. It kind of adds a bit of reality to this whole experience. I still don't think I'm showing but then only half of my jeans fit these days and according to my home scale, I'm up a total of 4 pounds.

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Anonymous said...

Your maternal instincts are definitely kicking in even more than usual :o) It's so awesome to have a little nephew, isn't it? :) Practicing your skills!