Saturday, October 18, 2008

14 Weeks

Being pregnant is weird.

In my first few weeks, I wanted bagels and nothing else. I went through a week of only desiring pizza...and nothing else. I think that week followed the Thai food week (lemon grass soup), however now I can't even think about Thai food. This week it's: burritos! I had two small burritos for dinner and I'm pretty sure that's my breakfast today as well. And probably dinner. Then next week, I'll want nothing to do with burritos. I'll probably have an oatmeal week soon. I can feel it. I bet popcorn's around the corner too.

I also can't get enough of the 'baby' movies. I ended up breaking down and actually buying Juno as well as Waitress. I've even watched Look Who's Talking about three times since I've gotten prego. I still am having trouble finding a used copy of Knocked Up. I'd buy that one in a second. I find they're good investments to add to my prego book collection. No sense in not adding the visual element. I also think I'm a sadist watching these films. Every time the baby is born, after all the pushing and moaning and screaming and sweat, I start balling my eyes out. Balling! I can't help it. Baby pops out and trigger the hormones. Dave thinks it's hillarious. I've watched Juno and Waitress both twice since we bought them and every time: baby comes out and I'm balling. Like clockwork.

I'm at 14 weeks. Officially 2nd trimester now, no question. Every text differs on when the 2nd trimester starts -- 12, 13, 14. But now at 14 weeks, there's no question.

I can even feel my uterus these days. It's popped above my pubic bone and when I have to pee, it pushes it up enough that I can feel it protruding.

However, I don't look pregnant. I just look like I might have had four burritos instead of two. And eaten a whole pie for desert. Half of my clothes fit these days. I'm having to say goodbye to a couple favorite skirts :(. I invested in two maternity skirts that adjust. One of which I can already wear when I tighten the adjustments. I'm in the annoying middle of the road phase where very little of my clothing fits anymore but I'm not big enough for maternity clothes.

And now my friends are even noticing. But not the people that hoard the seats on the bus. No luck there. I even tried forcing my stomach out more last time I was trying to stay standing up on the bus but no luck. I guess I just don't quite look pregnant enough to warrant a seat. Woe is me.

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