Thursday, October 30, 2008

15 Weeks, 4 days

I'm feeling good. I'm trying to get my sweet tooth under control and I have one good day under my belt. I've been tracking my nutrition info on I can track my iron, calcium, folate, vitamin C, etc. Plus how much fruit/veggies I consume as well as cups of water. It's been really helping me get a grasp on the best things to eat. I've been craving beans and now I can kind of see why. They're the richest source of iron, folate, and protein of anything I eat (on a vegetarian diet). On the plus: When I eat two servings of beans a day and some veggies, I can usually rack up all my dietary folate needs! Sweet deal. I guess all those burrito cravings are a good thing...*snicker..snicker*. I'm not doing so bad on calcium either and I'm also always coming in over my protein needs. However, even with the beans, I'm only coming in half on my iron but that's supplemented with my prenatals (as long as I can remember to take them). Not too bad. And Dave still thinks I need to eat steak. *Humph!*

I'm bigger than a pumpkin now!:

Dave being cute:

And....Barefoot and Pregnant in the Kitchen!:

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Anonymous said...

Beans! Uh oh! Poor Dave :)
But good thing for you, they are so healthy.
Don't let anyone think you belong in the kitchen like that :) *LOL*