Saturday, October 4, 2008

12 Weeks

About the fifth time that I got up to pee last night, I started wondering where all this water was coming from. Now seriously. Every time last night it was like I was unloading a geyser. And I'm not even drinking that much more than I did before I was pregnant. Aren't I supposed to retain more water if anything? Sometimes during the day I'll average once every half an hour and then it'll only be a trickle. I have to pee that bad and that's all that I get? No satisfaction! Then about 2 hours into the once-every-half-hour deal, I finally really pee. And then I'm good for ...emm..maybe 2 more hours. And sometimes I REALLY have to go. I rush to the bathroom only to find that I have to sit there for two minutes before anything happens and while I'm sitting there, I'm dying because I have to pee so badly. It's like I'm constricted! Oh yeah, it's a baby constriction.

Well anyway, after I returned to bed from that 5th trip to the bathroom, I found I had a text message from my incredibly pregnant friend, Michelle, announcing the birth of her new son, Talon. I'm so excited for her. I know in those last couple weeks she was downright miserable. I think she must have been pushing 42 weeks at that point. Makes me feel a little bad for when I was a fetus. I was supposed to be born on July 2nd and they couldn't get me out until they performed a C section on my mom and pulled me out on July 20th, weighing in at a mere 10 pounds, 4 oz. I think I get something to look forward too later on...

I was just about to approach the I'm-so-hungry-I'm-going-to-throw-up-phaze so just now I ran to the kitchen to get the last of the seitan I made earlier this week. I also snagged one of Dave's orange creme sodas. They looked so good! Sweetie, I know you'll read this and notice one of your sodas disappeared but it's only fair-- you ate my cookies.

I've been noticing more and more abdominal growth this past week. Mel mentioned last night that she noticed it a couple days ago. Really though, I just look like I ate one too many cookies. So I guess it may be a good thing that Dave took some of those off my hands last week.

Oh!!! I almost forgot. My band, Good Wood, has it's first show next Wednesday at Mississippi Pizza. I'm so excited! I haven't played a show in about a year and a half so I'm a little nervous. We're opening for an incredibly talented friend of mine who plays both cello and sings (AT THE SAME TIME). She's amazing. I'll bring my camera to the show and see if I can't swindle one of my friends into taking a picture or two. It should be a fun. Practice on Thursday went well and the song I was less than thrilled about has come together for me. It's probably my favorite one now. It's kind of funny how that happens. Everyone calls it the "Stripper Song" because it's downright perfect for that sort of *cough* thing. We also have a song that we nick-named the "Nike Commercial Song" because you can't help but feel some sort of inspiration when we play you should be running a marathon. Trust me, if you heard it too, you'd be inspired.

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