Tuesday, October 21, 2008

14 Weeks, 3 days

I had one of the worst head aches of my life on Sunday. It was awful and I could hardly do anything. I had one a week or two before that. Yesterday, I could feel the beginnings of another so I called the OB-gyn advice line at my hospital. Just to be sure. Although the nurse I spoke with and I both felt it was probably just a tension headache, since it's too early for me to be experiencing preeclampsia, she thought it would be a good idea to go in and get my heart rate checked. She scheduled me in for later in the afternoon.

All is looking well. My heart rate was 125/69, which is perfectly fine. Although it's a bit higher than I usually come in at but I think I was pretty nervous. It's really only cause for alarm when it gets up to around 140. They also ran a urine test for proteins and sugar and I got another chance to hear the heartbeat. It's still there and going strong. I really appreciate the peace of mind this all allowed me. Since I can't feel it or see it, getting the chance to hear it really makes it more real. Now I can't stop thinking about that butterfly heartbeat in my stomach. My little parasite.

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