Thursday, January 1, 2009

24 Weeks, 5 Days

Happy New Year!!!

Neither Dave nor I had any urge to go out this year. I was actually looking forward to getting into some jammies, watching a movie and popping some popcorn. And basically that's what we did! We even set up the projector and watched the Dark Knight projected onto our wall with surround sound. It was awesome!!! Mr. Squirmy Pants kept jerking around in my belly all last night. I think it was the loud noises in the film that jolted him. I ended up falling asleep for a bit until Dave woke me up ten minutes to showdown and we watched the pipsqueek Ryan Seacrest along with a very aged Dick Clark count down to the new year. Poor Dick finally caught up with the counting at around number 7 (he was dragging a bit). We smooched a bit at midnight and then I snoozed again on the couch shortly after while Dave listened to his records.

I hate to say it, but frankly, I've gotten to the point in my pregnancy where it is just downright boring. I'm almost to 25 weeks, which has always been a sort of pinnacle. However, upon reaching it, I'm either reminded about how much further I have to go or I suddenly break down in a panic thinking how the hell am I going to get everything down in 15 short weeks??!!!

Yes, basically I've reached panic mode in my pregnancy. I'm fine and dandy one minute and the next I am flipping out over the fact that I've done next to nothing to get things ready for the baby. Aside from finally completing my registry and reading every prego book I can get my hands on, I'm completely unprepared. Oh...and one question here...why in the world do babies need wipe-warmers??? (I didn't add them to my registry-- frankly, I'll warm it with my hands if the wipes are that damn cold)

Next, all I've got to say is: Poor Dave. He has taken these royal mood swings with more warmth and grace than I ever could imagine. He sits me down and talks me through everything I'm stressing about. See...I have this control issue. Some of you may or may not have noticed it about me. I like things done one way only - my way - and I have a hard time trusting people to do them without my "guidance" [aka severe authoritarian management]. However, when I come to the realization that I just cannot do everything myself to get prepared (see above paragraph), the inevitable "flip out" ensues. In a recent "flip out", I blamed Dave for not taking more action in getting things ready for the baby. His response was that he would gladly help out but he thought I preferred to do everything myself [absolute control issue]. Well slap me upside the head-- I'm an idiot. He knows me well enough to know I want to control every aspect of everything- he was just following my lead. I guess the thing he didn't catch on to was that I need to be told to let go of things and share the wealth, so to speak.

We do pretty well together, Dave and I. Sort of like the two edge pieces of the puzzle-- we go along the same line generally but our differences complement each other. For example, I absolutely abhor taking out the trash and recycling but I don't mind doing laundry. In fact, I would probably let the trash build up so much that until it starts reeking and the recycling would build up so much you'd have to trip over it to get to the kitchen before I'd take it out. Dave's negligent of doing laundry to the point of where I'd wonder if he'd ever wash anything if I didn't live here, yet he has no qualms about taking out the trash. I think we will probably find similar niches in child-rearing. I'm looking forward to discovering what they are.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I had my 24 week check-up on Wednesday. My bp was 121/73, urine was negative for proteins or sugar, and the heartbeat was strong and clear. All is completely boring and normal :). Oh it looks like I'm up about 19 pounds via home scale. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's overwhelming to think about what you'll need to get ready for the baby. My mom always tells me that pregnancy and parenting is a "trial and error"'s okay to learn as you go along :)
P.S.: Nods and kudos to your authoritarian story. I am the same way :)

Angel said...

Do you and Dave sing to the baby in your belly? My parents used to while my dad played the guitar and they continued to do it to lul' me and my sister to sleep thru most of our childhood, one my fondest memories!