Wednesday, January 28, 2009

28 Weeks, 4 days

Glucola = yum!


But the glucose test orange drink substance was not as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, it tasted exactly like Tang. I reminisced about drinking Tang on a hot summer day back when I was a little tot and it helped me get through it. Although, I never actually liked Tang that much to begin with....

I'll find out in a week or so if my test is positive or negative. If positive, I get to endure a four-hour fast/blood work marathon test. Yay! I'm crossing my fingers that it's negative. However, Mr. Squirmy seems to want me to eat cake all the time so I can't be so sure. Just to be on the safe side, I've crammed a more-than-usual amount of vegetables down my throat the past few days. I figure...veggie karma helps?

Oh and speaking of veggies. I can't seem to get enough broccoli or cabbage!! I've had broccoli about every day this week and more often than not twice daily. At least it's a craving I can nurture sans guilt! However, at the moment, I could really go for one of them fresh-out-of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Violet is evil...she posted a blog about chocolate chip cookies, which I have so recently devoured (only in the reading sense). I have been thinking about cookies ever since.

Well on the baby front, I had my 28 week appointment today and I can't say it could have gone any more smoothly! My blood pressure was 114/65, my urine tested negative for proteins or sugar, my weight is up 4 pounds since the last appointment four weeks ago, and my belly measured just right. Even though I've been worried, the doctor told me that my weight gain is perfectly fine and I should have no trouble losing it afterward, especially if I breast feed. If I were in kindergarten, I totally would have gotten a gold star to add to the wall for this appointment. add about 5 more cherries on top of my happy pregnant moment, I found out this week just how nursing-friendly my office is. We have a private room that can be locked from the inside, which we all refer to as the "Mother's room". It comes equipped with a glider/ottoman, sink, and dorm-sized fridge. I found out this week that it also has a Medela Lactina breast pump motor. Now this is no piddly Medela Pump-in-Style motor, this is a top notch, head-of-the-line, HOSPITAL GRADE, breast pump motor! It is heavy duty! All I need is to get the Medela accessory (tubes, breast thingers, etc.), which I found amazon sells for only like 45 bucks. Sweet deal!

Oh....and it doesn't even begin to stop there! I have a co-worker who just today gave me her double-pump Medala Pump-In-Style (with tote)! She has a one-year-old, who's graduated to mush foods and no longer nurses and she has explicitly expressed her lack of interest in having any more kids. Again, I only need to replace the tubing/breast cup thingers/etc. I can't believe my luck. This is like a $280 pump!

Well...besides breast pumps, I hardly have anything else (okay no gold star yet) but I think we'll get there. I mean I have like almost three months still...right?

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Anonymous said...

Superb that you've entered the 3rd trimester! I have heard that is goes by pretty fast and then the baby will be here :)