Saturday, January 24, 2009

28 Weeks

I've hit the BIG one. 28 weeks. As an official member of third tri-dom, I will have to say my biggest thanks go out to my digestion system, which is still in wonderful working order. I've read the horror stories...I've heard the horror stories...I've expected my own horror story and yet...the machinery is still functioning as it should! Yay!

I may attribute it to the probably hundreds of burritos I've consumed since conception. I'll probably indulge in said food this very evening. Yumm.....I'm wondering if I'm traumatizing this poor boy with so many burritos AND all the hot sauce I've been loading them up with. In general, I like spicy food but pregnancy tends to exacerbate everything....including my taste for spice. There's this tasty little bento place outside of my gym that I indulge in every time I hit up my yoga class at lunch. I love it because the food is so simple there. I can get brown rice or noodles with plain, steamed veggies---no added sauce! Then they have a cornucopia of sauces, spices, etc. that I can indulge in. I like to add a little peanut sauce, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and the hot red sauce. I dumped the hot sauce on in heeps on Friday and when I ate at my desk, I could hardly talk, my lips and mouth were on fire! But I LUURVVED it. I reiterate....poor little boy. How his mother abuses him so!

Anyway, off of the spicy food rant for now. I had to write a paper proposal for my public policy class last night and he handed them back today marked up with notes. I rambled about researching the Oregon irrigation rights, the reclamation act, the environmental/economic conflicts, and using the Klamath Basin water crisis as a case study. His response was that I chose a good topic and that I should check out Northwest Sustainability here in Portland. Sweet! I feel much better now that I'm off to a good start. I'm totally stoked about the topic since I studied hydrology/water resources in college and will probably be rambling about salmon shortages and tribal communities on here soon enough....just to forewarn you.

I think the belly's grown a bit this week. I noticed last night when I caught my reflection. I pulled up my shirt to check out my rounding belly and Dave even made some comment about it's massiveness. Thus...this photo shortly followed...


Rebecca said...

Aw. I want to poke at him. :) Hey, I saw Juno last night. It was good, and I swear I could hear your phantom weeping when she holds her baby at the end. :) miss you girlie.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on your excellent job on the proposal! I also, as you know, LUURRVVEE spicy food! Which could be why you have a good digestive system despite. At least your boy will have a clean and healthy digestive system too :)
Do you get heartburn from eating spicy food, and/or from having him pushing around in your belly?