Saturday, January 3, 2009

25 Weeks

Well I think Mr. Squirmy may have turned over the past week. I've been feeling more kicks up around my belly button or higher and only some nudges in parts. Whereas last week, I got kicked downstairs all the time-- a little jolting, if you ask me. Sometimes I think he lays sideways-- especially when I'm laying down. It's then when I feel kicking and/or headbutting/punching on either side of my belly simultaneously.

The most exciting thing happened to me the other day: I was offered a seat on the bus!! There were no available seats but I was only about one of three people forced to stand. And actually, for once, I was quite content with it. I had had a great day, I was feeling pretty healthy and strong. This of course is the case for the one time I'm offered a seat! I politely declined since I wasn't too far from my stop anyway but I couldn't wipe this huge goofy grin off my face for the rest of the ride. I'm pretty sure I pranced home.

Dave is on Day 3 of quitting smoking and doing surprisingly well from a third party perspective. He had his last cigarette at 12 AM on the 1st and has committed to quitting. I promised him that I'd quit chocolate for the next three weeks as sort of a rallying effort for his quitting smoking. I'm not quite sure what I've gotten into because I could really go for some chocolate cake or something. However, so far I've stayed clean. He seems to be recommitting himself to getting healthier in general, which gives me more motivation to commit to a healthier lifestyle myself. Go us. We're just a healthy bunch here.

Week 25 Photos:

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, the privileges of being a mommy-to-be! That's amazing. You should have taken the seat, just because you can :) hahaha.
Way to go, Dave! It seems very difficult for most people to quit. I know my parents tried quitting smoking for 5 years, then went to Mexico and found a peculiar tobacco vending machine :(.