Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 Months, 3 Weeks

Now, I never expected such a sweet, innocent baby to expel such horrendous flatulent feats. Oh my god it smells...worse than that garbage bag you forgot to take out before leaving on your vacation. I have on countless occasions actually held Thurston out at arms length in hopes that he'll air out a bit. I mean, seriously, what is this kid eating???

P.S. I was joking...we're still exclusively mama-milk fed these days.

I was at Everyday Music last night perusing cheap VHS while Dave was scanning records (surprised?). Thurston was strapped to me ala moby wrap and just carrying on an incredibly interesting conversation to some invisible creature to my left. An older gentleman came up and started talking to Thurston, who happily cooed back. He moved out of Thurston's sight and Thurston started screatching. It was clear he still had something important to say. I turned so Thurston could 'talk' to the stranger some more and he just happily cooed and babbled away. Oh boy...what does this mean for when he's a two-year-old and starts to grasp the meaning of conversation?

Thurston has also begun to learn the art of ...dun dun dun...GRABBING!!! Oh and his favorite thing to do is clanch onto a big tuft of my hair. Sometimes he likes to munch on it but it usually involves some type of pulling. OW! He also is fascinated with trying to grab bits of our face. If I'm close enough, he'll snatch at my mouth and tug at my cheeks and then give me a huge grin. He's pretty proud of this.

Thurston and his super cool sock monkey:

Climbing on Dad:

"Papa, hey look at me! Look at me! Hey Papa! Look what I can do!"

This was right before another good show of flatulence.


Anonymous said...

Aww, time with Daddy!

Angel said...

I used to have one of those monkeys.

I used to babysit my cousin a lot during his BITING stage. I'm traumatized by it. He broke skin/seriously bruised me SO much you'd think I was a battered woman. It eventually resulted in him taking a huge chomp out of my neck and me dropping him. I recently told him this that he's 16, he found that quite hilarious. Glad he can find the humor in it haha.