Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nubby knees

Have I mentioned his knees??? That when they're extended, they wrinkle into an irresistible nub nub of kissable cuteness. And yet another reason why I am so enamored with this big, squirmy ball of adorable baby. His grins are the best of course. Huge! Wide-eyed. And laughing. His eyes really do laugh. And then you're so overwhelmed by his charm, nothing can compare. Have I mentioned how he sucks on his lower lip, making tiny saliva bubbles wriggle out the corners of his mouth while his eyes dart from side to side in cute curiosity? Then he chomps down on his hand and makes a few grunts and happy baby coos.

Now I understand why older ladies and older gents just break out into huge grins as I carry the charmer by. Thy seriously can't get enough baby. I can't get enough baby. Babies are addicting. It's a supreme place to be snuggling next to my big ball of cuteness. It really can't get much better than this.

P.S. You'd be surprised at what this baby can do to grown scruffy men. They turn into big piles of mush.


MissAnneThrope said...

It's because he's so damned cute, he could be used as some sort of terrorist weapon. No one can resist him, and if they are, they must be a cyborg. I can't wait to see him again.

Anonymous said...

It's also because all babies carry an irresitable cuteness bug that is contagious to all! Plus Thurston's sooo dang cute himself.