Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 Months

We had our four-month check up today and our little string bean is measuring in at 26 inches long (86th percentile) and 12 pounds, 3 oz (6th percentile). Since he didn't lard up as much as we were hoping, we're going to supplement during the days when I'm at work-- this shouldn't have any impact on my supply since I'll be pumping just as much as always.

Sigh...I'll attribute it to his athletic feats-- burning up that mama milk before he can even start stashing it away. Other than his weight, he's healthy, active, alert, and meeting his developmental milestones.


Oh Amy said...

That is exactly the same as Aria. She is so active that I don't wonder if it somehow influences her weight. She hates to be sitting, she wants to stand or scoot and roll!

They both got accustomed to active lifestyles in the womb!

I don't think either of them look particularly skinny but when I was at the doctor on Monday I saw some four month old boys that looked like they could have hidden Aria or Thurston in their fat rolls...

I was thinking about supplementing, too. Just while I'm in class. How are you guys going to go about that exactly?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear! LOVE the little brown hat Thurston's sporting!