Thursday, August 27, 2009

Battle of the Bulge(s)

Perhaps some of you may remember back in the day when I was a few slices of cake away from 250 pounds. It took me a good two + years to slim down to 175 pounds-- which is just flirting the ideal weight range for my height and build. I've recently retired my broken scale that lied by about 10 pounds and replaced it with a cheap but accurate one. I know my correct weights because Doctor office chart notes and the gym scale are depressingly accurate.

Now why am I going here when this blog has been specifically baby blog?? Well I suppose because health (physical, mental, and familial included here) has become almost an obsession of mine. A healthy obsession [hardy har har]! And it is intrinsically tied with motherhood. I am also recently inspired to write about this history of mine after picking up the book, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. And most importantly, I'm striving to incorporate healthy living as part of the foundation for my little family.

Over my whole pregnancy, I gained close to 45 pounds (the extra five crept in when you count the last minute bloating). I've successfully shed all but about ten of those pounds. The first 15 came off in a big swoop, the remaining weight much much slower. It's hard to find a balance of exercise and proper nutrition without compromising my milk supply. Thus I have to push the oatmeal, nuts , grains , more oatmeal, occasional slice of cake, dairy, and even more oatmeal. I have such a skinny baby, I am in no way trying to restrict my diet. It's a struggle for me to find the middle ground. A daily struggle. So I write everything I eat down so I can track not only my nutrition but that I am getting enough.

So here I am at four months post prego trying to find that happy medium and with only a few more bulges to go:

And for fun, here's me at not even my heftiest: (click on it to enlarge the large)


Violet, Shane and Declan said...

Did I take that pic? I know we went up there a number of times together. I dont remembering your face ever looking that round.
You look fantastic now, baby weight and all.

Oh Amy said...

I love looking at my old pictures. I can't even believe that is you!

I wish there were a clear answer as to why our little ones are so, well, little!

I feel as if I eat enough and she nurses round the clock!

Perhaps, I, too, should go the oatmeal route.

Anonymous said...

The old pic hardly looks like you at all now! That's an amazing change! You look so slim now! Good for you for losing weight and continuing to eat healthy--you and me both know it's a daily struggle :)

Julia said...

I have to admit, you are and a couple of others are the reason that I started the Couch to 5K. Though, I'm still about 175, I'm steadily losing weight, with an end goal of 150 (still 25 more than my early 20's weight.) I'd be perfectly happy with that.

I'm sure in a bit of time, you'll brun off the extra weight that you want to. :)

Angel said...

Just FYI, you are my health heroine, from what I do know, it seems like you're quite well informed and great at making educated decisions when it comes to nutrition AND exercise. I plan to use this blog as a guideline when my time comes haha! So thank you!