Thursday, February 5, 2009

29 Weeks, 5 days

My pelvis aches. It feels like I rode my bike for four hours. It's totally normal, though and I guess I can chalk it up to my aches and pains of the third tri.

I am excited, however, that I officially did something productive this week. I scheduled a hospital tour! I also tried to schedule birthing classes but they either didn't fit in with Dave and my schedule or they were full. I opted instead for the cheaper DVD courses and booklet, which just arrived today! I also signed up for a breastfeeding class at the beginning of April (yes, a mere 10 days from my due date). I really doubt I'll be in labor by then. I mean I was about three weeks late when I was born, so I can't imagine my own child will be any earlier than 41 or 42 weeks. We're a stubborn bunch. I just can hope that my own child may be a little nicer to me than I was to my mother.

Dave is a little over a month cigarette-free!!! I'm so proud of him! He really hasn't had much difficulty with the transition. It took his lungs a couple weeks to adjust but he seems to be doing fine now.

The little squirmer is poking his limbs out under my ribs these days. It's a very unusual sensation and I can't ever quite get used to it but it makes me laugh every time. I can actually feel it protruding and I've had to poke a limb or two back in a couple times. He seems willing to oblige until a few minutes go by and he shoves it out again. He also had a dance party last night when I was reading in bed. Good times.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will come on his own time, whether it be on time or a bit later :)
Give my much Kudos to Dave, for is venture in quitting the nicotine bar!

Michelle said...

I am so glad you took a breastfeeding class! A lot of mom's think it is natural, so the don't need it, but breastfeeding is hard to do the first 5 weeks!
If it weren't for my mom and my kids' pediatrician's lactation nurse, i don't know what I would've done the first months.