Saturday, February 21, 2009

32 Weeks

For 32 weeks, I present you side and front angle and bad hair. Dave took these last night and my hair has a habit of flipping out whenever I'm photographed:

If you look really closely you can see... NO STRETCH MARKS!!! Well...thus far.... I'm basically banging my knuckles on the wood coffee table right now.

However, my belly is stretch-mark friendly-- I do have the faint stretch mark scars of my rounder belly days. Perhaps this is what's keeping me line-free at the moment? Years ago I stretched myself out to nearly 250 pounds. Stretching out for a mere 8 pound (I sincerely hope and cross my fingers for) baby? Easy! Skin is surprisingly elastic, as I've discovered. I'm also guzzling water like there's no tomorrow and lathering up on the belly oil, even though there is no scientific proof that oil will actually help prevent stretch marks. Bah! The label says it will so I will blindly trust that instead of....*harumph*..."scientific evidence".

I spent last night in bed the reading my book for class watching my belly jump and stretch and contort into odd positions. It's fascinating. I wished I had had my camera with me to film these acrobatic feats. However, as soon as Dave came in, as usual, all quieted down on the home front. The little squirmer (belly jolter) is mischevious like that.

So I've discovered that I'm becoming one of the most fascinating people walking down the street. Since probably just yesterday alone, I've received about three double-takes, a handful of awkward glances, some all-out smiley stares, and the occasional ogle. Trust think you're being sly, but I can tell you're staring at my ginormous belly. Yes, even the quick glance-down trick. It's sneaky, but I'm not oblivious. Hell, I see my ginormous belly every day, each time I try to even attempt looking at my feet.

I had one lady follow me to the bus stop the other day. Actually, it was more like she turned around a few times to stare and then basically stopped until I caught up and proceeded to walk along with me. She told me about her estranged son and how he was having a baby and that I would have a beautiful baby. Very sweet, actually. A guy at the mall did about three obvious backward glances, including the turn-around-and-stare-while-walking-backwards trick until he finally congratualated me.

Ok, but I have to also admit I LOVE TO SEE OTHER PREGNANT WOMEN!!!! I can't help it! I ogle, I stare, I even POINT! I saw one at the grocery store a couple nights ago and elbowed Dave repeatedly..."Look, another pregnant lady! Look how cute her belly is! Look, I'm pregnant too!" The best part is when you and another pregnant lady lock eyes and both burst out into ginormous all-knowing smiles. It's like our own pregnant lady club.

Oh and strollers! I have to stare at each stroller as it passes by these days. I check out the make and model and then I strain my eyes and obnoxiously stare at it looking for the baby nestled deep in the cavern of the carrier. I can't help myself. I'm baby-obsessed!


Angel said...

You know what else is people's favorite passtime? WAVING at babies! People come in and out of my work with babies all day long and I've realized that even I must wave at each baby that enters the store, as well as when they exit. I realized that everyone I work with and anyone else in the store does the same. Completely ignoring the mother a lot of times haha. I see them leave the store and walk down the street, where everyone else also waves at the baby. Meanwhile the baby couldn't care less most of the time.

P.S. Have you seen those little stroller hooks? I've recently seen for the first time these little S-hooks that hook onto the handle of a stroller with one hook and the other part of the S-hook is where you can hook grocery or shopping bags. Genius, considering I ALWAYS see ladies trying to smash shopping bags in the bottom on their strollers or tie them to their arms.

Anonymous said...

As I've mentioned before, its hard NOT to look at pregnant women because they're so cute! Most babies are so adorable too, that it's hard not to smile, coo at them and wave.