Saturday, February 14, 2009

31 Weeks

31 Weeks:

On swelling and physical activity:

I've been lucky to experience very little swelling so far. Only just this week have I noticed my ring getting uncomfortably tight. This happens towards the end of the day and usually after working out. However, I'm not sure if it's the pooling of water, or I'm just getting chubbier. Last time I checked, I was up 25 pounds, but I'm pretty sure it's even higher now! My face seems rounder and my legs are starting to get that tree-truck look to them. *Shrug*...the main thing is that I still feel strong and healthy-- although a bit achier in general towards the end of the day. I've been doing yoga 3-5 times per week along with walking or light cardio activities. I've really been keen on the recumbent bike and light jog/walking intervals. Per doctor's orders, as long as I keep my heart rate below 140, I'm fine! I judged how I was doing during the race last week by the ease of my breathing. It started getting a little heavier close to the 1st mile mark, and even though I felt pretty good, I stopped to walk when I reached it to be safe. From all the literature I've read, since I was running frequently and doing yoga before I became pregnant, I should be able to do it moderately throughout my pregnancy.

On my neighborhood:

I live in a little niche in Portland that is reminiscent of the small town enclosed within the larger city feel. I love every inch of it, from the hole-in-the-wall diner, the park, the retro theater and even to the local homeless (yet seemingly content) couple that say hello to me each morning as I head to work. I took a few snapshots as I was heading back home this evening:

Laurelhurst park near the duck pond. During the big snow storm, the entire lake froze over. I found all the ducks nestled in a patch of mucky water at one end of the pond that had somehow avoided the freeze. I think it was the combined body heat of all the ducks!

Down 28th near Staccato Gelato. This is my favorite hangout in the summer. Nothing beats lazying outside in their plastic orange chairs or bench and licking up sticky gelato as it dribbles down the cone on a hot summer day. They light it up during winter nights and people still pile in for cold treats on cold nights until 10 or 11 at night.

The cavern of leaves and branches I walk through daily. The roots of these trees have broken the sidewalk up so much that during the rainy season, it is often unpassable. There's a house nestled in on the right that looks like it ought to be situated in the middle of the woods because the yard is so overgrown.

This next building juts out about a block down from the tree cavern. It is home to Pambiche-- which serves up giant platters of delicious (and fragrant) Cuban cuisine. In fact, I have a breakfast date with my Dad and Grandma here tomorrow. Yum! Next door sits the local laundromat (with the giant 4-load washers). I've always fantacized about living in the apartments above. They're so me!

Next door is the building that used to house the Velveteria, or Velvet Painting Museam. It has since moved a few blocks over to Burnside. This local specializes in that which is often considered less-than-special. Now, due to the museum, Velvet painings are starting to make a comeback. They're not quite to the likes of Monet or Degas, but they're making progress. There's something so very Portland about the Velveteria. If you've never been there before, Dave and I will have to give you a tour. It's only like $5. Last year, Dave even got featured on a news special about the Velveteria where he was quoted, "It's not Picasso, but it's art." Now I call this building the bamboo house because the windows are draped in bamboo.

I was so lucky to find an apartment I love in the neighborhood I love. I'm looking forward to having a little one scampering around my own stomping grounds!


Anonymous said...

You're right about Portland and "little cities" within the big city. I sure love our hometown :) Yesterday Eldon and I had breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall place called Byways Cafe on NW Glisan & 12th Ave. SUPERB!

Meg said...

Damn you, you still look sexy!!!!!!!!!