Saturday, February 28, 2009

33 Weeks

I find myself having difficulty "beaching" myself comfortably these days. Can't lay on my stomach. Can't lay on my back. Don't want to sit up. What's left? A rather creative side-laying twist position that I've started to master. A few days ago I think the scale said I was up 28 pounds but it also kind of looked like 27 and it quite possibly could have read 37 (but probably not). This probably because my eyesight has also degraded quite a bit. I have trouble seeing at night even with my glasses. I've read that it's another sign of pregnancy and should return back to normal once I pop the little being out. I'll keep you updated on that. As far as weight gain, I'm pretty much on track to gain 40-ish. I think. I hope. And I'm perfectly fine with....I keep telling myself.

I had my 32 week appointment on Wednesday. I'm pleased to announce I've achieved another imaginary gold star of pregnancy to add to my wall. BP was 117/64, no abnormalities, hea
rd the heartbeat, measured within normal range. All is well in Hotel Maureen. On the plus, my doctor told me my weight-gain is perfectly fine and steady. She also remarked in surprise when I pulled up my shirt for the measurements that I had no stretch marks. Double woohoo! I went ahead and scheduled my 36, 38, and 39 week appointments. As I was doing that, it hit me that I'm that close to having this baby. It's still a bit surreal. I'm trying to tell time to hang on for a bit because I'm not ready but another part of me is about to explode with anticipation and can't wait for the clock to tick sooner.

Here's 33 weeks:

I've been struggling these days over finding outfits that 1) Fit over my ginormous belly 2) Are comfortable and 3) Don't make me look like a beached whale. I've already succumbed to the notion that fashion does not precede comfort. Yes, I'm ok with this. But it doesn't mean that I'm not at least putting effort in trying to attempt some sort of style. Thus, I've decided to share any interesting style tidbits I put together. I also got this idea from another blog I enjoy reading. She has the benefit of being petite and can make most outfits work well for her. However, for the rotund, like me, we're still screaming for solutions to the madness. Therefore, I introduce "Fashion for the Lumpy Bod" Part One:

Non-maternity sweater dress, xlarge maternity sweater, and belt are all thrifted. Tights are the amazing maternity tights that make the belly nice and perfectly round-- love them! Boots from Nordstroms Rack. Total cost: around $70. Cheerio!


Violet, Shane and Declan said...

Finding maternity clothes sucks! Motherhood is very limited and I was so disappointed that all the stores have almost nonexistent maternity sections. My first real shopping experience was in the Midwest where prego duds were abundant. I think they just pop out more babies in the Midwest or something. You look great and are, luckily, still very small.

Anonymous said...

That outfit looks great! What's ironic, is that you can still wear a non-maternity dress right now, and wear it again after the little guy is born, without it being too gigantic! Hehehe :)

Angel said...

They DEFINATELY pop out more babies in the midwest! My family is from there and they've been asking me when I'm gonna have kids since I was 19 and my YOUNGEST cousin already had 3 kids at that age.

Do they have "Mimi Maternity" up there? I always see those shops around here. It's probably really expensive though, but I always see cute things in the windows.